Customer Agility Framework ™

What is the Customer Agility Framework ™

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is an evolution upon the Agile Manifesto rather than the existing Agile Frameworks. It contains contains two missing links in agile organizational design firstly “What work should be done” and secondly “How can work be qualified as impactful”. It is not just focused on outputs but rather takes a holistic approach to an organisation and maps an INSIGHT to OUTCOME pathway for all work.


Accessing and processing data and sifting with artificial intelligence to find opportunities and issues then refining through unbiased human skills (user experience research) to define meaning.


Defining the impact of change upon the Customer North Star though real-time oversight in order to prioritise the delivery of planned outcomes.

It recognises that;

Deciding where to use unique human capabilities and focus artificial intelligence is the next great business evolution. Karl Smith 2022.

The Customer Agility Framework ™ provides a way to build upon the unique skills and knowledge in your organisation by optimizing it through a new way of working using Artificial Intelligence, Customer (user) Experience and Agile.

Further is defines and creates an auditable trail for the Customer North Star and seeks to support transparency between it and decision making with the Business North Star and the Technical North Star through a single instance of Work Orchestration software. It also includes Vendors and Regulators at Business Strategic, Technical Strategic, Technical Solutions and Delivery Solution levels recognising the criticality of common cadences and activity awareness of all involved in work.

Customer North Star

Defining and evolving the overall goal of the Customer (user) to ensure alignment with their needs, market segment and customer life cycle.

Business North Star

Defining and evolving the overall purpose or goal of the business in line with corporate strategy, standards, regulation and financial planning.

Technical North Star

Defining and evolving the overall purpose or goal of technical in line with corporate strategy, standards, regulation and financial planning.

Implementing Agile

While the issues around adopting Agile are numerous the critical part is what are the benefits and can they be achieved in your organisation. Many organisations have focused on the output of work as the key outcome of Agile, in a belief that it speeds up the delivery of work. Unfortunately, Agile only appears to do this if it is allowed to eliminate waste and non-Agile activities.

For example, applying Agile in an organisation without encapsulating it in a bubble of its own requirements process (insights), financing, reporting, metrics, governance, people and processes creates duality and doubles or triples costs without driving speed. However, inside that bubble it can dramatically increase speed of delivery by eliminating waste. So Agile needs to be viewed in a holistic way with upstream and downstream activities on a single axis through the organisation in order to deliver benefits.

Customer Agility Framework ™ focuses on customer journey based organizational design that own products, services and the way to run and change them though a single software system.

Customer Agility ™

The Customer Agility Framework ™ supports the attracting and retaining of customers by building customer loyalty and potential customer engagement through facilitating a direct response to customer needs.  The Customer Agility Framework ™ will focus your entire organisation on listening to customers and colleagues in real-time to define the next work to be undertaken.  It will enshrine a flexible way of working that supports an immediate response to changes in your target market, perceptions and opportunities.

How does the Customer Agility Framework ™ Benefit Organisations?

The Customer Agility Framework ™ has been defined as a holistic enterprise transformation system to deliver real-time oversight and intervention capabilities to for both strategic and tactical insights and outcomes for the Customer (user), Business and Technical North Star’s.

Chief Executive Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure that your whole organisation is focused on achieving the CEO’s vision. It supports the CEO by providing a real-time overview of all work in progress and its impact upon the business markets, customers and share value.

Chief Financial Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure a single golden source of data for all activity in an organisation. It supports the CFO to ensure that ROI and value for money can be seen in real-time.

Chief Operating Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure that your whole organisation is implicitly focused on implementing company strategies in daily operations meeting strategic and operational objectives.

Chief Technology / Information Officer

The Customer Agility Framework ™ is designed to ensure the development, engineering and research required to improve the product and service offerings is effective. It also supports a holistic integration of technical skills while eliminating handoffs and blockers.

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